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Welcome to the website of Hotel Florenz!
Read this rhyme, will help you to understand our philosophy:

A gentleman from Lowerwells
threw the sweet walnuts away
and ate only the shells.
His friend from Waterstones
the pine nuts threw away
and ate the just the cones.
His cousin on Valentine's day
ate the colourful foil
and the chocolate threw away.
Many people do not care
the smart child tells
they throw life away
and eat just the shells.

"Free translation of the poem "Good people", " Bravi Signori" by Gianni Rodari."

If you want like us that “the holiday” remains in the heart as a unique and new experience, take a look to our proposal, aimed at families and lovers of mountain biking and outdoor sports.

The hotel offers a simply and cozy ambience, situated just 900 m from the sea closed to Finalborgo’s gates, the medieval part of Finale Ligure.

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