Hotel Florenz in Finale Ligure was originally a Nineteenth-Century religious building.

It is ideal Hotel for families with children, both for the services we offer our very young guests and for its quiet and familiar atmosphere. 

Our hotel is right at the gates of Finalborgo, the famous medieval hamlet, and is just 900 metres from Finale Ligure beaches.

It is the first “Bike Hotel” in Finale Ligure and Finalborgo, and specializes in services for clients who love cycling and hiking. 

We have our own kitchen garden, and the restaurant inside the hotel offers typical dishes, also cooked with our garden products. Your pets are welcome here.

bike hotel finale ligure

Here is a limerick “I bravi signori” by the famous poet Gianni Rodari which will help you understand our philosophy: living life to the full.

There was a man called Jake
He ate the pips and threw away the grapes
While his girlfriend Belle
Threw out the nuts and ate the shells
And his cousin at All Hallows
Ate the paper and got rid of the marshmallows
Lots of people live like that lot
They eat the cold turkey
And throw away the hot.

“Bravi Signori, di Gianni Rodari”