Hotel Florenz promotes a variety of local projects aimed to enhance the local area and encourage a responsible use of our natural resources, for example we help with the maintenance of trails and the promotion of lesser known aspects of our region culture. Because Hotel Florence acknowledges the natural value of its surrounding, we engaged Captain Basil, the “Capitan Basilico,” the first eco-superhero.

Together we developped 10 Guidelines for Sustainable Holidays:


  • Separate collection of recyclable waste for the entire hotel waste within the rooms as well as in other common areas.
  • Composting.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging for all deliveries to the hotel.


  • Faucets for less water consumption.
  • Responsible use of water by our staff. Our guests are actively invited to use water resources considerately.
  • Collection of rain water for watering the vegetable bed and our garden.
  • Coolers, which reuse the pool water for cooling.
  • In the restaurant: table water in a carafe.


  • The entire hotel is equipped with energy saving lamps.
  • Guests are encouraged to change the sheets and towels on request, if really necessary, in order to save water and reduce the detergent impact.
  • Timer controlled switches in the common areas of the hotel.

4 – FOOD

  • Depending on availability, the vegetables from your own garden are used in our kitchen. Otherwise fruits and vegetables are bought from local production.
  • NO genetically modified food.
  • Permanent supply of organic products and fair trade products.
  • Our guests start their day with a good and healthy breakfast with organic products and fair trade products.


  • Promotion of the typical cuisine of our region.
  • Possibility to share on our website typical Italian and international recipes with other guests.
  • Once a week, a typical menu from the region is offered at the restaurant.
  • Recipes with typical local products.


  • Collective transport with the own hotel shuttle bus, which can also be used for several excursions and guest transfers.
  • Timetables and fare information about public transport and ticket sale directly at the hotel reception.
  • Special guest support for planning hiking trips as well as on their cycling and natural trails. Maps of trails available.


  • Promotion and support of bicycle tracks and footpaths.
  • Cycle and mountain bike rental for guests.
  • Bicycle garage for secure storage, repair and cleaning of guests’ bicycles.


  • Regular rest hours at the hotel.
  • Noise mitigation measures throughout the construction and renovation work at the Hotel, such as the renovation of the old wooden windows and shutters, which are typical for this the building.


  • Information on the website as well as the distribution of brochures at the front desk about exhibitions, events and attractions relating to the history, culture or the natural environment of the region.
  • Selected excursions into the hinterland of Finale on the footsteps of the unknown Liguria.
  • Active protection of the environment by maintaining the trails, the appreciation of the sights and especially through the organization and promotion of various educational, sporting and environment-friendly projects within the region.


  • We involve and inform guests of all ages with our environmental philosophy.
  • We provide our guests with a variety of information material so they can spend relaxing and informative sustainable holidays.