Visit Finale Ligure


In last years important prehistoric discovers have been in Finale Ligure. “Arma delle Manie”: caves in which Neandertaal Man tracks have been found. “Grotta della Pollera”: prehistoric site.

The Val Ponci (Vallis Pontium) is particularly interesting. The name comes from 5 Roman bridges on road Julia Augusta. With an half-day-walk you can follow the entire road enjoying the landscape.

Centres with fortified walls, castles, churches and chapels are the evidences of Middle Age in Finale Ligure area. Castel Gavone ruins are at just 15 minutes from Finalborgo.

The Museum, situated in St. Caterina 14th century cloisters, is located in the civic centre of Finalborgo and its archaeological features are well-known in all Italy . It also houses important collections of art which are the fruit of more than one hundred years of hard work and researches effected in the numerous sites of Finale Ligure area. The museum take places in the centre of a very important prehistoric zone and famous are the tracks of prince of Arene Candide. The present set up dates back to 1986 and it was mainly arranged to suit educational purposes and at the same time to give information about both local problems or themes and more general aspects on prehistoric and historical archaeology. The Roman Age is represented by several funeral equipments, a 3 rd Century Paleochristian memorial stone and a coins collection of 2 nd Century a.C.

In this famous caves it is possible to find tracks of Prehistoric men and very rare finds of Caves bears that used come to die here.

Finale Ligure zone is a Carsica area, rich of several caves and caverns.
Borgio Verezzi Caves
Toirano Caves

Over 1.500 climbing routes can be found in a climbing zone of 10 km2 around Finale Ligure MTB: Infinite routes and itineraries behind Finale Ligure, between Savona and Verezzi, up to 1000 mt over sea level. From the Apennines down to the coast, interrupted just by many small valleys. Ancient Roman ways amongst shady sweet chestnut woods and Mediterranean vegetation. Cicling bike Landscape, sun, mild climate and tourist structures are the perfect combination tourism & sport which are getting more and more attractive for all Europe bike fans. Are you real athletic ? Create your team and compare yourself with greatest bikers; team strategies and organization can become your ace up sleeve. 24 h di Finale (Sample Trials)

Windsurfers have been enjoying waves for last 15 years on Liguria coast, during week-ends and winter holidays. Sea temperature never drops below 14°C and strong local winds make conditions perfect to wind-surfing, diving, sailing and much more. Riding: In the upland plain of Le Manie you will not only find riding schools but also beautiful paths which go through Mediterranean vegetation and Alps landscapes.

The School “Ponente Fly” makes paragliding fans completely enjoy Finale landscape from a different point of view. It is possible to book a flight for two people at a very economic price.

In the plancton-rich waters amongst Genoa , Corsica and Marseille there are infinite species of sea mammals, including whales and sperm whales.

Delphinus delphi (2 m)
Stenell coeruleoalba (2 m)
Grampus griseus (3,5 m)
Tursiopps truncatus (3,5 m)
Globicephala melas (5,5 – 7 m)
Ziphius cavirostris (5 – 7 m)
Physeter catodon (12 – 18 m)
Balaenoptera physalus (24 m)